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New Home /Owner Builder Consultant 

Looking to build your new home yourself? Feel Free to give us call for advise, site supervision or trade inspections

New Home Builder/ Renovations  

First time building a home and don't know where to start?  Getting a pre build consultation could save you money in the long run.

In new home owner builder consultation we will go through everything to keep your build on track, potential complications in your building project to keep to plan to avoid, check quotes to make sure you are receiving fair price from trades and help finding any trades people you may be missing at that point.

This is a great opportunity to make sure you aren't missing anything that could cost you money in the long run and make sure everything is lined up to keep things running smoothly

Willunga Building Inspector
Mid Project Consultation
Mclaren Vale Building Inspector

Things are moving along but you want to keep things running smoothly?  Weather you have started a project and something is coming up you need some help with or you are just wanting a second look over your project to make sure everything is happening the way its meant to

We will come through and have a look at your build make sure all the trades that have been working on your job have been working to code, have talk about any issues that have come up and plan for any that may be coming up for the rest of the build.

Make sure your project is keeping on track and that all your trades are providing a quality service.

Fault Inspection

Some times things go wrong, and weather its something you may have missed or a mistake having made by a tradesperson you have had on site it doesn't really matter the most important thing is getting things moving again and making sure you are ending up with a quality product.

When something goes wrong is when experience can count most and it is always best to get on-top of the issue before it causes more issues for the remainder of the project.

Remember there is always a solution to the issue and it is often something that isn't as expensive as you might think with a bit of creative thinking


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