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We seem to be getting lots of calls lately to finish of building jobs that have been half finished, either as a DIY job that was a bit big to handle, well meaning friends volunteering but not finding the rime to finish off or the most disappointing trades people not completing work. This was a job we got called up for after the first fix carpenters came and did the work, had issues with the roof framing and then stopped coming back. Two months later we got the call from the builder needing to get the job done.

We all make mistakes but taking ownership both your own mistakes and the trades that are onsite onsite is something your builder should be doing. By the sounds of things on this job was a group effort to have things go pear-shaped, the plans had an incorrect pitches for the roof, the truss manufacturer didn't check the measurements, and the carpenters didn't notice the variation in heights until the roof had been completed and then everyone was pointing the finger at each-other and no one would take responsibility for it leaving the client with the bill to fix the timber framing. I completely understand that mistakes happen after having a job last year with the same issue of a defective set of trusses being delivered that had to be rectified. While its disappointing to have something like this happen, any licensed trades person has a responsibility to complete the work weather it is a defect by the draftsman or the trades not doing their job the client getting left to foot the bill isn't right. Never hesitate to to ask to see the builders license of the people working on your home you are within your rights to ask and it would only ever be a problem for them to produce it if they don't have one. You are also able to look up what a trades person or builder is licensed to do online using their name or builders licence number on the public regiester. CLICK HERE FOR THE PUBLIC REGISTER Never hesitate to call to get your building work finished off weather its a DIY project and you need some help, a job you have been left with after someone has left with it uncompleted or even if you are another trades person who has a job that has gone pair shaped and you just need to sub-contract it out to get it out of your hair. We completely understand that sometimes that some times things don't go to plan and you might need some help to get things done. Feel free to give us a call weather it is to finish off a project you have already started or a full building project you need done We are also offering finance on decking both repairing old and new decks Check us out on social media to have a look at some of the building projects we have going FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM

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