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Natural Timber Scratching Posts

We are always looking for ways to recycle building materials that come off sites both to minimise waste that goes in the bin and keep costs down that can be passed on to the client One of the things we do to keep the waste down is making upcycled cat scratching posts they both for inside and outside (CLICK HERE FOR OUTDOOR SCRATCHING POSTS) less waste, less landfill, sturdy scratching posts everyone wins check out our Facebook page to see what we have made up and ready to go (CLICK HERE FOR OUR FACEBOOK PAGE) . Here are a few of the scratching posts we have ready to go at the moment, perfect for your cat run or cat pad enclosure

If you have any other unusual building projects that you are thinking of getting underway give us a call for all you building needs. We are always keen to be involved in unusual building projects that some builders around Adelaide seem to shy away from. If you can think of any other ways to up-cycle old building materials let us know because we are always looking for interesting ideas and ways to to use up building materials For all you animal lovers out there give our Instagram page a follow, it is mainly pictures of our building inspector Link

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