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3 Reasons You Should Check On Your Builders Recycling Plan

3 Reasons You Should Check On Your Builders Recycling Plan There are hundreds of reasons to keep on top of your waste management at home and at work and it no different for builders. Weather its building waste, demolition waste or just general waste coming off building sites it should be a consideration for every builder to think about ways to keep down what comes off a building site, goes in the bin and then heads off to landfill.

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1) The biggest reason we all need to think about and the most obvious impact for waste coming off building sites is on the environment. Many building sites seem to have huge amounts of rubbish heading off in bin to end up in landfill, not only does that mean all kinds of rubbish getting sent back into the earth but there is a huge amount of recourses wasted in creating that building material that is then just wasted energy. The only thing worse that building materials going in the bin and heading to the tip is that it is a huge waste of recourses in producing those building materials as well.

2) Your back pocket, every time your builder is taking something to the tip or buying a bin the cost will be getting passed down the line. So not only are you paying for the building materials coming in you are paying again for those building materials to get taken away and thrown in the bin. Instead of savings that can be made from recycling building materials, metals and even timber that comes off your new home, renovation or even small maintenance jobs that could be disposed of for free you are now getting left with the bill. While there may be a bit of additional time in removing the materials in this way the amount you could save in skip bins could be huge. Even the small bits add up and will add to the cost of your project

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3) The possibilities, there are heaps of things you can do with your left over building materials and there are lots of people that would be keen to use them. Schools and community groups are always looking for building materials for various jobs and bits and pieces and all you have to do is put the feelers out and you will often get people looking for various bits and pieces. There are also lots of things that can be done to use and upcycle the leftover building materials or to find a home for the things that comes out of demolition. One of the things we do to recycle building materials are these recycled scratching posts, we have even built a shipping container tiny house almost entirely out of recycled building materials from demolition or the left overs that come off building sites. Waste not, want not

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Every builder should have a responsible waste management plan to minimise the waste and to find a use for all the materials that come off building sites wherever possible, it will not only be saving the environment but it will also save you money also. We are always looking for ways to upcycle or recycle building materials the demolition materials that come off our building sites if you have any creative ideas get in touch.

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