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3 Tips For Owner Builders

I often get calls from people who have started a building project and it gets a bit away from them and need some help, these are a few of the things owner builders should think about before building. 1 - Plan for the unexpected. Something almost always comes up and it always takes time and always takes money. Renovations have the biggest unknowns there alot of things you cant plan for that you just wont know until you start but even on new projects there are lots of things you can run into.

Just recently putting in a new concrete slab when we scrapped the site back we uncovered a sceptic tank that had been buried and wasn't uncovered by the engineers investigations so the slab will be needing alot more concrete and reinfocement and thats before we even got out of the ground. 2 - Listen to the advice of your trades. They do this everyday and there might be something to their suggestions. If you have something specific in mind obviously they should work with you to get you exactly what you want but take onboard their suggestions before just dismissing them. Sometimes there is a small tweak that just makes everything work that bit better 3 Don't skip steps and take your time - Better to deal with the frustration now than rush through it then have to look at it forever. I always tell my clients id prefer you are upset with me while im building your home because I have taken longer than they upset for the next 10 years looking at a piece of work that doesn't work properly, it can be frustrating at the time but it is better in the long run


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